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We launched Métier with a simple aim: to make the best bags in the world. A timeless collection of perfected carrying solutions of the highest quality, think of it as James Bond’s dream bag. Pockets are perfectly dimensioned for passports and ID cards. Modularity and secret compartments organize your essentials with ease.  Each bag is handmade by the highest-skilled Italian artisans.  Hardware is crafted from solid brass and our lining is made from Alcantara, a microfibre used in vintage luxury cars.  No detail is too small to perfect.

As we got to know many of our clients personally, we started to make a few bespoke items to accommodate their personal modifications or additions. This, for us, is the essence of luxury: a personal connection and vision, brought beautifully to life. Now we are launching Metier Bespoke, a service created to solve any modern day problems. Think of it as couture, with our main collection as the very highest rendition of ready to wear. From elegant packing pouches to duffles and weekenders, where do you want your Métier bag to take you?